BD Race Team Expectations & Requirements


For the 2018 season we have allocated three Sponsorship/Ambassador levels. Silver, Gold & Diamond!

Each level has different pricing and benefits as a BD Race Team member.

You will be placed in a level by a BD Race Team Associate upon review of your Application, showing Performance potential and history, Social Media usage, Business and Ambassadorship potential.

Our Commitment to You

  • We Will provide continuous consulting and research with our dynamic performance sales & engineering team.
  • We Will provide special Race Team pricing on all BD products for your race & tow vehicle for one year.
  • We Will provide you with special pricing & access to our fuel injection, turbocharger, transmission, electronics & all related labor.
  • Faster freight to you - because we understand the importance of getting you back on the track.
  • We Will provide you with stickers & catalogs to promote our products in your local area.
  • We Will provide you with apparel. The more you promote BD the more apparel will be issued based on merit points
  • We Will promote you & your race team through all forms of company media/websites.
  • We Will respond to all requests/orders/questions within 24hrs.
  • We Will provide you with a team of coordinators:
    • Brian Roth (company owner & team president)
    • Georgina Hooper (social media, marketing & graphics)

Expectations & Requirements of becoming a BD Race Team Member

  • You would access / use our broad selection of parts:
    • Injectors, Pumps & Supply Pumps
    • Turbos
    • Transmission, Torque converters
    • Manifolds
    • Intercoolers
    • Trans Coolers
    • Electronics
  • You are REQUIRED to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all event. You are now an ambassador of our company.
  • You are REQUIRED to wear the apparel we provide you with at EVERY event attended.
  • You are REQUIRED to provide a detailed schedule of events you are planning to attend in the 2018 season.
  • You are REQUIRED to attend minimum of 10 major events in the season.
  • You are REQUIRED to have 3 or more BD installed products on your vehicle or plans to have this before the 2018 race/pulling season.
  • You are REQUIRED to display our logo in a BD recognizable position. A logo placement chart will be provided upon acceptance.
  • All racers will be provided with fireproof BD patches. You are responsible and required to having them adhered to your suit. If you require a fire suit and depending on your level and participation we can assist. Only if your application is approved in the first quarter of 2018.
  • You are REQUIRED to keep your racer parts costs confidential and you are required to promote them.
  • In the event of a broken vehicle you must communicate & seek help from our people. You must not broadcast publicly any failures or issues with approval.

Our Purchasing / Ordering Requirements

  • Your full name and current address must be provided upon every purchase.
  • American Customers must provide their SIN number for purchases over $2500. This is a Federal law requirement to track money if going to terrorists outside of USA.
  • Vehicle year, make & model must be provided upon every purchase.

Our Social Media Expectations & Requirements

  • You are expected to promote our products/services whenever possible, via sharing our page posts and posting your own.
  • You are REQUIRED within 48HRS of an event to provide Georgina with a minimum 3 pictures (video footage even better) and a detailed description of the event including location, date, time & results.
  • You are REQUIRED within 48HRS of completion to keep Georgina up-to-date on any vehicle up-dates with a minimum of 3 pictures & a detail description.

All pictures, videos, info and apparel / decal requests should be sent to, can be sent through Facebook messages or call 1-800-887-5030.

All Parts inquires and orders must go through, can be sent through Facebook messages or call 1-800-887-5030.

** In signing this contract, you give us permission to use all pictures/video/information sent to us or posted on social media platforms as promotional material.

** Any expectations and requirements that are not being satisfied will be considered a breach of contract and therefore will revoke the sponsorship for the current year.

** Parts used in racing are not considered warrantable product. Any damage is the responsibility of the racer and must be covered at cost for any repairs, inspection or replacement of product. BD workmanship and designs are always reviewed. Consideration will be given on failures.